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ProofCast event hosting provides the very best experience for your customers to see their images on-line. The ProofCast image viewer delivers an intuitive user experience. Each event comes with music, b&w and sepia presentation, and our advanced magnifying glass. Try one of these live events below. There is no start up cost and no obligation for 30 days. Plus, you will receive our famous support. We are not a lab so, you are free to use any lab you choose. You will receive order notices by email. If you chose you can receive the clients credit card number so you can charge their card using your current merchant account. For a more complete list of features click here or feel free to contact us today for more information at 954-695-1281.    read more
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We understand the photography business. We have been supporting the industry with web solutions for 21 years. Our package combines the best features of Flash, Blog and HTML5 to create a MOBILE OPTIMIZED Professional Photography web site. Site set up and training is just $500. Contact us at 954-695-1281 for a free phone consultation.    read more

Dance and Group Photography Bar Coding

ProofCast provides a solution to photograph large groups like schools, dance competitions, cheerlading competitions, and sports teams. Why make your customers search through thousands of images just to find the few they are in. All you need is a simple 2D barcode scanner and a laptop. Each participant gets a unique barcode number. You simply scan the barcode just before their photo is taken. When they return in a different outfit or as part of another groups or ensamble, just scan their code again. All images in which they appear will be seen when they log on to make a purchase. Call for more details 954-695-1281.
Party Photography Solution
In today's world customers are less and less intersted in purchasing paper prints. Instead they are more than willing to buy electronic images they can keep on their phone or post to social media. ProofCast and its sister solution FotoJockey.com, has a way to give them what they want. With either system you can post images to the cloud in real time. Party goers can then get instant delivery of your images on their phone. In as little as 60 seconds. It's possbile to serve up your professionally produced images to all party guests. This is a perfect supplement "print on site" or "pay in advance" events. Call for more details 954-695-1281
Image Competition
ProofCast offers an exclusive image competition system for managing physical and digital judging. Whether you compete monthly or yearly we make is simple for members to enter an image or print competition. Since 2006 with 10 different photographic organizations have used our system to simplify and streamline the entire process.
Access the system and get more information at PrintCompetition.com
Our free webinars are available to anyone. Space is limited. To hold a spot, email support to put your name on the list. You will get instructions by email or phone.
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