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on-line proofing
ProofCast Event Hosting provides the very best experience for your customers to see their images on-line. Built using the latest technology, the ProofCast image viewer delivers an intuitive user experience. Each event comes with Music, B&W and Sepia presentation, and our advanced magnifying glass. Try our demo event or look at some live events below. The system is free for 30 days.

ProofCast is not a lab. This means you can select any lab to process your orders. We also do not collect payment or charge a sales commission. If you can process credit cards, we give you the credit card number on a password protected, encrypted web page. You manually enter the credit card number into your credit card machine and process payment.

Because we are not a lab, we do not need high-resolution images. This means you can shrink your images to a size that uploads about 1 every 5 seconds on a typical high speed internet connection. If you have Photoshop, we give you an action that shrinks images to the size that will satisfy the requirements of the ProofCast viewer and give you the fastest upload possible. If you have Lightroom, simply export the images into a temporary folder at 1200 pixels on the longest dimension @ 72 dpi.

If you still have questions please give us a call @ 954-695-1281

There are two available pricing plans
  • pay only when you post an event
  • events stay on line for 60 days
  • no start up charges
  • no monthly charges
  • no commissions
  • $ 20 for events under 80 images
  • $ 40 for events over 80 images
  • $ 15 for extra months
  • full control over expiration date
  • charges based on daily image average
  • charges go up or down each month based on usage
  • unlimited events
  • no start up charges
  • no commissions
  • free web hosting for your web site ($35 value)
  • $ 35 for a 1000 daily image average
  • $ 65 for a 2500 daily image average
  • $ 99 for a 5000 daily image average
  • $ 149 for a 10000 daily image average
  • $ 249 for a 25000 daily image average
  • $ 349 for a 50000 daily image average
  • Charges are recalculated each month.
    The least expensive level is charged each month.
    Actual amounts are prorated in between levels.
Featured Live Events
  • Multi-size image viewer
  • Customer friendly
  • Check out in just 4 steps
  • Side-by-side compare tool
  • Right-click copyright protection
  • Automatic B&W versions of images
  • Automatic Sepia versions of images
  • Automatic magnifying glass tool
  • Custom automatic copyright watermark
  • Multiple price lists
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Facebook news feed
  • Access through your web site
  • E-mail support direct to customer
  • Accept payments through PayPal
  • Credit card self-processing
  • Email notification of new orders
  • Fulfill at the lab of your choice
  • Visitor tracking
  • Fast uploading
  • No commissions
  • No set-up or annual fee
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Referral Program
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